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What is a Pet Care Center?

The concept of the Pet Care Centers is a trend that is growing around the country. There are over 1,000 Pet Care Centers in the United States.

Morgan's Paws Pet Care Center, LLC gives dog owners an alternative to leaving their dogs home alone while they are working. It's also a great place for your dog when the maintenance person, pest control person or cleaning person pays a visit to your home.

At Morgan's Paws Pet Care Center, LLC your dog will play with other dogs in a supervised setting during daycare. During their stay, there is naptime, cuddle time, treats and tons of fun! Every dog in our care is pampered and watched to ensure their individual needs are fulfilled.

At Morgan's Paws Pet Care Center, LLC your dog will NOT be kept in a kennel all day if they attend daycare. Your dog is free to roam around our 5,000 sq ft. big dog room or 4,000 sq. ft. small dog room facility or just lounge around. Whatever their little hearts desire. We also have a great fenced in courtyard with lots of room for your dog to run around or just hang out and catch some rays.

The idea for a daycare center for dogs -- a place where they could enjoy the day while their owners were out and about -- came to me when I first got my dog, Morgan. I hated leaving her home alone everyday while I went off to work.

After much research, Morgan's Paws Doggie Daycare became a reality.  The community here in York, Pennsylvania, just loved the idea; and our little center grew very quickly.  Soon, we were offering boarding for dogs and cats and pet grooming services too.

It was not long until we outgrew our original space.  We found the ideal location here on Hill Street in York, where we have been able to spread our wings.  Since we moved in, we have added a retail pet store and also offer Pet Shuttle Service.

It was -- and still remains -- our loving care for each and every "guest" that keeps us thriving.

And we have Morgan to thank for all that we are able to do for the dogs and cats in York, PA.