These are estimated prices for our professional pet grooming services, based on length of time and temperament of dog.

** Matted or aggressive dogs will be extra

 ** Pets that arrive with fleas will be given Capstar and a flea bath.  Additional charges will apply for this.

FULL GROOM INCLUDES: Bath, brush, trim, ears cleaned, nails trimmed, blow dry. 


Short Hair

Base Price*

Long Hair

Base Price*

Small Dog (up to 30 lbs) $40 $50
Medium Dog (31-60 lbs) $45 $55
Large Dog (61 - 100 lbs) $50 $65
Extra Large Dog (Over 100 lbs) Base price starts at $100.00
Cats Base price starts at $100.00

* Price could increase over base price depending on type of hair and length of time needed.




Pet Grooming Extras

Dental $ 10.00
Nail trims $ 14.00 (dogs)
$ 15.00 (cats)

$16.00 (dogs)

Nail trims w/ dremel $ 25.00 (dogs)
Ear plucking $  5.00


Pet Grooming Pricing

Pet Grooming price will vary by breed. 

Please call us (717.755.9544) for pricing information.